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The Crew

7 Generations of Maple Tradition:

The Maple Crew from left to right; Glenn Ferriot, Lucas Stepno, Jim Smith, Matt Smith and Chris Vigue.  Missing from the picture is Eric Atherton and Lily Smith (our dog).  With this crew of six men and a dog, we tap over 2200 trees on a tubing system consisting of over 25 miles of pipe and over 20,000 fittings, all of which is under vacuum and can not leak.  We put up 12 cord of firewood and keep all of our equipment clean and in top notch shape.  We do this in our spare time as we all have other full time jobs.

Maple Facts:

  • There is usually 2 to 4 feet of snow in the woods when we start tapping our trees.
  • It takes around 500 man hours to prepare for the sap runs starting in late February thru early April. 
  • It takes around 600 man hours to produce the syrup during the boiling part of the season.
  • Clean up time takes another 200 man hours and is usually when mysterous illnesses hit as cleaning is not the most fun part of sugaring (cough, cough, I'm sick, ha ha).
About Us

As a leading provider of Pure Vermont Maple Syrup, we take pride in offering the best Maple Products. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. We are a seventh generation family business on the same property since the 1800's and 10th generation Vermonters.  Below is a recording my grandfather William H. Smith did in 1973 describing the flood of 1927 among other things.