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7 Generations of Maple Tradition:

This is a picture of our new Sugar House as construction was still in process.

Maple Facts:

The Fire

On April 8th 2013 we tragically had a fire losing our equipment and most of the syrup we produced this year.  Luckily nobody was hurt.  We lost 380 gallons of syrup and would have produced another 100 had the fire not occured.  Years of accumulated equipment, and tools and hard work were lost that day.  The maple crew, friends, neighbors and family worked very hard all summer and fall to build the new facility. 

We cut down trees and made the building out of wood from the farm that we milled ourselves with a small mannual sawmill.  The new building is a welcome sight, but the financial and emotional sting of the loss of the old one will no doubt last for some time.